How to address IT resourcing challenges and build a team of software experts?

Yogesh S
4 min readNov 24, 2020

There has been an increasing drive to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies through technological innovations. It has given birth to several IT projects, where the success or failure of a business can often hinge on the strength to complete the projects within the scope of time, budget, and specification. Depending on the in-house capabilities to complete these projects can be costly and time-consuming, particularly when the IT needs of an organization are continuously changing.

What is the solution?

IT staff augmentation services entail the allocation of dedicated technical resources, usually offshore, hired as overseas development extensions of in-house application development teams on fixed or flexible terms and conditions. The provider will augment the client’s workforce with skilled persons. Using IT staff augmentation services provide a one-window solution to companies who might require application development across diverse technology verticals.

In the current competitive market, because of the technologies available, hiring in-house employees is no longer the only option and not the best option in many cases. Globalization and technological developments have made it possible to build remote teams easily and without risk. Many businesses are switching from classical in-house development to dedicated development teams and IT staff augmentation.

This and many other reasons is why Innovalabs is offering IT staff augmentation service to companies and startups who want to increase their workforce and save operational costs without affecting the quality of work.

Why work with us?

We are group of tech crazy people, our resources are ready to on-board your team at any stage of the SDLC.


Hire top 10% talent
Avg. resource cost.

Innovalabs’ IT augmentation service has helped many businesses to cost over time by ensuring a cost-effective means to leverage specific skill sets. Hiring full-time employees to work on a particular project cost more money than necessary. In this kind of situation, Innovalabs has helped their clients to save a lot on salary expenses, expenses accrued to job benefits, and other costs related to hiring professionals on a full-time basis. It allows them to compensate for the workers only for the duration the resources are required.

Our IT staff augmentation service has given our clients the option to hire for the short-term, immediate, and specific needs of the company without compromising on the quality of engagement. Our clients get access to immense talent at a cost lower than the price of hiring traditionally. Innovalabs’ IT staff augmentation service has also helped our clients in reducing both operational and infrastructure expenses. In essence, the engagement of Innovalabs’ IT staff augmentation service by our clients has helped to reduce the cost of hiring skilled professionals, infrastructural cost, and operational cost. It later translates to making additional profits.

Save Time

Looking at the traditional method of hiring professionals, it takes the process from the point of recognizing the need, through the process of searching for the right candidate to the final stage of selection. We have the resources to best-fit your team and project. Our developers can join your team at any stage of the development stage, no matter how complex the product is.

Reduce Hiring Stress

Finding and selecting a candidate for a job is not as easy and stress-free as it may initially seem. There are numerous steps companies go through before getting to the final stage of the employee selection process, right from the drafting of a job announcement through interviews, background checks, and the offer letter, among many other steps along the way. Through Innovalabs’ IT staff augmentation service, many of our clients have been relieved from the stress and hassle of going through the hectic process of the employee solution process.

Access to per-assessed talents

Another benefit that Innovalabs’ IT staff augmentation services have brought to their clients is access to a larger pool of talents. We have a group of experts and professionals from whom we help companies hire based on their specific needs. Innovalabs’ IT staff augmentation services have helped many of their clients to fill the gaps in their IT workforce that have resulted in expanding their team.

Sustained Control and Management

The ability to sustain control and management over staffs is also one of the benefits our clients have been enjoying through our IT staff augmentation service. With our IT staff augmentation service, our clients are privileged to choose a temporary team to work with, and by this they have control over those that are leading the project team and what to prioritize.

A lot of organizations lack the required talent to reach their specific business goals and objectives. Innovalabs’ IT staff augmentation service is ready to help your business succeed by providing proper resources and talent at its disposal.

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